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Gym Leaders are also responsible for overseeing how their respective Gym is run and maintain it. Great care must be taken to make sure that their Gym reflects the best environment for the type they specialize in, such as swimming pools in a Water-type Gym or trees and flowering plants in a Grass-type Gym. It has not exactly been made clear how Gym Leaders attain their position, but it appears that it varies for each Gym. A few appear to be passed on through families: Janine , Falkner , and Flannery all take over their respective Gyms from a close family member.

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Trainers who are victorious over this Gym will receive the Soul Badge. The Fuchsia Gym's puzzle involves a maze of invisible walls, filled with Trainers studying under the Gym Leader. In Generations II and IV , the new Gym Leader, Janine , has added a new level of difficulty into the puzzle by having all the Trainers in the Gym disguise themselves as her until they are challenged or she herself is defeated. In Generation II, the real Janine is located near the west wall, while in Generation IV, she's standing in the middle of the Gym, much like her father before her. Its appearance is based on an old-fashioned Japanese mansion. Located in a forest outside of Fuchsia City itself, the Gym is filled with booby traps, including invisible walls, turning and collapsing walls, a slanted room, and a horde of explosive Voltorb. Battles take place either inside the mansion or in the courtyard outside.


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Every four years, the Summer Olympics rolls around, and the world tunes into to cheer on their country! In the 28 sports and events that make up the pinnacle of athletic competition, arguably the most popular is gymnastics. These athletes fly through the air, flipping, spinning, and sometimes falling, captivating viewers across the globe.

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